A Day in the Life of a University Student


Blog written by Karolina Ferdicova, Business Management (Marketing) student at University of Derby.

You might think that all students have a party, sleep all day and drink copious amounts of coffee. Well, we don’t! Your typical day as a university student will consist of classes in the morning, followed by study time or work at your part-time job. Afternoon classes start around 3:30 pm and finish just before dinner. We’re usually in bed by 11:00 pm because we have to wake up early for more classes tomorrow morning. It’s not easy, but it makes us who we are today!

Oh, Monday… again!

I wake up at 7 am. I take a shower and get dressed for my day. Then, I head to the dining hall, grabbing coffee on the way to fuel me throughout the day. The first class of the morning starts at 9 am. By that time, I’m sitting in my seat with my laptop open, ready to go through notes from last night’s studying session or answer questions about homework problems submitted by classmates.

Lunch is usually around noon, where there are many different options for food – everything from salads and sandwiches to pizza and fried chicken tenders! After lunch, it’s back in classes until 5 pm. After that, most people start heading off-campus for dinner plans or free time before they have work or study in the evening.

It’s usually around that time that I find myself at the library, finishing up work for classes or studying in advance of an upcoming exam. When my study time is done, and it’s finally night-time, there are many different options to unwind after a long day: watch Netflix with friends, play video games online, catch up with friends on social media, and much more. The possibilities for how to spend your night as a university student are endless!

There are many different aspects to university life, but it’s a great experience overall. The people you meet and the things you learn cannot be found in a classroom anywhere else. I’m looking forward to all that the rest of my time at university has in store!

The day as a university student is often hectic. You have to balance taking classes, homework/assignments, and other activities like sports or joining clubs. The time spent on these individual tasks can vary depending on if they are part of your coursework or not; the more class hours you need for credit, the less time there will be left over for the other things.

So, what’s your typical day like? What did you learn today that surprised you about university life? We’re all in this together. Share with us!