Mental Health & Wellbeing


Mental and physical health forms a crucial and important part of all our lives. Mental health is all about the way we feel about ourselves and those around us. It’s also about the way situations make us feel and how we respond to them, and the choices we make to overcome obstacles and challenges. We all are likely to have a different approach to this and it’s important to work out what is the best thing for you as an individual.

Being mentally healthy doesn’t just mean that you don’t have a mental health problem. If you’re in good mental health, you can:

• Make the most of your potential.
• Cope with life.
• Play a full part in your family, workplace, community and among friends.

What is Mental Health & Wellbeing?

Some people call mental health ‘emotional health’ or ‘well-being’ and it’s just as important as good physical health. Mental health is everyone’s business. We all have times when we feel down or stressed or frightened. Most of the time those feelings pass. But sometimes they develop into a more serious problem and that could happen to any one of us. Everyone is different. You may bounce back from a setback while someone else may feel weighed down by it for a long time.

Your mental health doesn’t always stay the same. It can change as circumstances change and as you move through different stages of your life. There’s a stigma attached to mental health problems. This means that people feel uncomfortable about them and don’t talk about them much. Many people don’t even feel comfortable talking about their feelings. But it’s healthy to know and say how you’re feeling.

We all have different challenges to overcome, whether it be doing well at school, getting into college, sixth-form or university, or landing the perfect apprenticeship. It can often be intimidating and confusing to open-up about how we are all feeling about our mental health and wellbeing, so with that in mind, here is a helpful list of online resources where you can seek guidance.

Activity 1

What things do you like to do that make you happy? Write them down. What websites do you already use that have useful tips for maintaining good mental health and wellbeing?

Useful Websites

Here is a handy list of trusted websites that provide key information on mental health and wellbeing. In some cases, they also offer advice to parents/carers. Most of them also provide useful resources as well as activities.

Need More Help?

If you’re struggling with your mental health, it’s important to talk to someone you trust as soon as possible. If you need more guidance on where to turn to for help, feel free to get in touch with Dancop and we will endeavour to find the answer for you or recommend resources to assist.