National Apprenticeships Week 2024


National Apprenticeships Week (NAW) is a national event that celebrates the achievements of apprentices around the country and allows organisations to come together to showcase their programmes and facilities for prospective apprentices. This year is the 17th annual celebration of apprenticeships. To celebrate, we have complied some key facts about apprenticeships, how to find one, and some resources to help you see if an apprenticeship is the right path for you.

What is an apprenticeship and is it right for me?

  • An apprenticeship is a scheme arranged between yourself and an employer where you combine studying with practical training in your chosen industry.
  • All apprentices earn a salary. You must be paid at least the national minimum apprenticeship wage. This is £6.40 an hour for apprentices/workers under 18 and £8.60 for those aged 18-20.
  • Apprentices should work enough hours each week so that they can undertake sufficient, regular training and on-the-job activity. Go to become an apprentice on for further information.
  • You no longer have to start an apprenticeship after GCSEs. Higher and Degree Apprenticeships are good alternatives to those who are unsure about studying a degree in a traditional academic format.
  • How are you assessed?

    You’ll be assessed to check the knowledge, skills, and behaviours you have learned throughout your apprenticeship. This is called an end-point assessment. This is an opportunity to showcase the skills you have learned during your apprenticeship.

    Completing your apprenticeship and passing your end-point assessment means that you are competent in your chosen occupation and are ready to progress in your career. To get the best out of your apprenticeship, it is helpful to think about your end-point assessment when you begin your training.

    For further information visit

    How do I find a higher or degree apprenticeship?

    In the 2022/23 academic year, there were 752,150 people participating in an apprenticeship in England, with 337,140 apprenticeship starts and 162,320 apprenticeship achievements. These apprenticeships are across a vast range of workplaces including Cap Gemini, Ford, ITV, Rolls-Royce, Boots, Barclays, the BBC and the NHS, as well as many small and medium sized organisations across many different industry sectors. With so many opportunities on offer, you can find the apprenticeship that is right for you.

    Applying is easy, just visit Enter your postcode and apprenticeship level to find the right apprenticeship within your local area. There are between 12,000 and 20,000 apprenticeship vacancies on the site at any one time.

    You can also find apprenticeship opportunities directly through the employer – their websites are a great source of information for this.

    Apprenticeship stories

    Still unconvinced about apprenticeships? Read the stories and watch the video below from real apprentices.

    “As an apprentice in the NHS, you do feel you’re supported. I’ve never felt so looked after. I couldn’t just go and do a nursing degree, so the apprenticeship gave me that opportunity to get my foot in the door.” Sarah, 50, Trainee Ophthalmic NHS nurse, Norfolk

    “Being an apprentice has been the best time of my life, I’ve been able to do things that I’m passionate about. I’ve been able to meet so many different people. I’ve built up my confidence. It’s been the best experience it could have been.” Alim, 22, Channel 4, London

    “I wasn’t a hundred percent sure what I wanted to do after 6th form. Then, my mum showed me an ad in the local paper for an apprenticeship. I want to be earning six figures by the time I’m thirty. And that’s the beauty of starting young, it’s all possible.” Ella, 22, Operations Manager, Chipping Camden

    “I found the confidence I needed to take the apprenticeship, because I knew theatre is what I loved and where I wanted to be. There is never really a typical day. There’s always different working hours and different people, which is my favourite part of it.” Hosanna, 18, Technical Apprentice, London

    Watch this video from the National Careers Service to hear Bradley’s story…

    Useful links for apprenticeships

    For general information about apprenticeships and how to apply:
    Follow Apprenticeships on X @apprenticeships
    Follow Amazing Apps on Facebook

    For higher and degree apprenticeship opportunities:

    For professional advice on making the right choices, visit:
    Call the National Careers Service helpline 0800 100 900 (free from landlines and mobiles)

    For support and guidance with your apprenticeship application process, contact:
    Call the National Apprenticeship helpdesk 0800 015 0400 (free from landlines and mobiles)


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    Blog content written by Tina Wakelin and Harriet Swann