Should I Consider a Career in STEM?


First of all, what is STEM? STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, one of the fastest growing sectors in UK today.

It is one of the ‘futureproof’ industries as it is driving progress forwards so it will never be replaced or become obsolete. During the pandemic medical research scientists have developed vaccines and ways of safeguarding public health, mathematicians have plotted virus models and forecasts, engineers have developed new 3D printable PPE and technology has brought us all closer together with zoom quizzes and online meetings!

STEM careers are so varied and a few examples are games designers, radiographers, physicists and software developers. These jobs keep us healthy, safe, push back the boundaries of scientific and knowledge and create worlds for us to escape into. While it may not look like there is a link between them, they all require the same thing: someone who is passionately curious. If you look at the world and wonder ‘why’ or ‘how’ then STEM is a career path for you.

There are so many routes into these careers, there are apprenticeships (level 2-3 and at higher and degree level), post university/graduate routes and even opportunities to form your own company and go self-employed. When you are studying you can continue to a masters or doctorate level where you become a leading expert in your field.  For a rewarding, fun lifelong career, consider a career in STEM!

If you are interested in finding out more about routes into STEM careers or taking part in STEM activities such as 3D printing and virtual reality workshops, the DANCOP Nottingham College STEM team can be contacted on and you can find out more information at .

Author: Alex Watt, DANCOP STEM Co-ordinator Nottingham College