Higher and degree apprenticeships

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Higher and degree apprenticeships

Higher and degree apprenticeships combine the best of both worlds, offering the chance to combine highly skilled work with study all while earning an income.

Here we have created a resource for you to find out more about higher and degree apprenticeships, including how to find and apply for apprenticeship opportunities, and how to boost your employability skills so you stand out to employers.

If you think a higher or degree apprenticeship might be the route for you then find out more in the boxes below.

What are higher and degree apprenticeships?

The best of both worlds! Higher and degree apprenticeships offer an employer-led combined package of work and study, which allows apprentices to work full-time and study a university-level course.

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How to find and apply for higher and degree apprenticeships

To find and apply for apprenticeship vacancies visit Find an Apprenticeship, where you can search for apprenticeship vacancies across the country in a variety of sectors.

If you know the exact type of apprenticeship you want to do, the website also allows you to tailor your search to fit your requirements. Further information on the application process for apprenticeships can be found using the links below:

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Employability skills

Demonstrating relevant skills and attitudes can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful application. Before applying for an apprenticeship, it is important that you have considered the skills and attitudes that employer may value highly. After the skills and attitudes have been identified, think about the way you can demonstrate them through your own experiences.

For help on how to do this please click the link below.

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Top tips for applicants

If you like the sound of higher and degree apprenticeships and would like to do one after you finish school, here are some top tips to consider before making your application: