The tools you need to succeed 

  • Higher Education

    Find out about university, college and apprenticeship options.

    Higher Education isn’t just about going to university. There are multiple routes you can take after school and the resources in this section will help you to understand and explore this.

    Study Skills Workbook A Guide To Higher And Degree Apprenticeships Higher And Degree Apprenticeships Buzzwords
  • Finance and Money Management

    Learn about student finance and budgeting or use our student finance calculator.

    These resources will help you to budget for higher education and manage your personal finances. Managing your money is a skill you will use throughout higher education and onwards in your career.

    Budgeting and money management Making Your Money Go Further Student Finance
  • Careers and Employability

    Develop your employability skills and explore a range of career routes.

    Being Professional On Social Media Workplace Communication Skills Digital Skills For Employability
  • Wellbeing and Resilience

    Explore our wellbeing and resilience resources.

    Mental and physical health and wellbeing form a crucial and important part of all our lives. Mental health can be thought of in the way we feel about ourselves and those around us, the way situations make us feel and how we respond to them, and the choices we make to overcome obstacles and challenges.

    Wellbeing Workbook Resilience Workbook Wellbeing Activities Introduction To Mental Health Self Care
  • Decisionz Magazine

    Decisionz is a local careers and advice e-zine aimed at supporting students to understand their options and make the right choices. This termly magazine is distributed for free to Year 11 students across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire digitally and contains a wealth of local, relevant information, advice and opportunities.

    View Autumn 2021 issue

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Speak to Our Team Today

Got a question about higher education? Our team are happy to help!

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