To mark the start of a new year, #TeamDANCOP are inviting you to get to know us! Each week we’ll be focussing on a different team, their interests and what they get up to in an average week.

Our team is currently made up of a trio of us – Vicki, our Lead Project Officer, and Flavia and Hollie, our Project Officers. All three of us are linked to local schools across Derby City and Derbyshire and work with them to support their learners to engage in DANCOP activity.

What is your team’s mission statement?

As a forward thinking and passionate team, Derby Hub strives to support schools and communities in Derby City and Derbyshire. Our innovative and collaborative approach enables us to provide impactful and sustainable provision that is learner-centred and promotes equal opportunities and fair access for all.

What does an average week look like?

We’re not sure there is such a thing as an average week in Derby Hub! We can often go days on end without seeing one another as we may be out and about across the region, working with our schools and learners to establish new links and deliver activities and workshops. We can also be found supporting the wider teams across DANCOP, such as with larger scale events or working alongside the other hub teams.

On the occasion that we can be found in the office (or our new working from home offices), we might be planning for events, developing sustainable programmes with our school contacts or working on our longer-term ongoing projects.

What’s your favourite thing about being part of #TeamDANCOP?

Hollie: My favourite thing about being part of #TeamDANCOP is having the opportunity to help learners achieve their ambitions and aspirations. I love seeing that lightbulb moment where something that may not before have felt possible – such as going into higher education – become a probable opportunity for learners. I also love working on our exciting projects, such as the residentials we have run, which allow us to really get to know learners.

Flavia: I love having the flexibility to be creative and come up with innovative new ideas and activities, along with seeing new projects through from design to implementation. One of my favourite things about being part of #TeamDANCOP is working collaboratively with our stakeholders to allow learners to access activity that is truly impactful and beneficial for their future prospects.

Vicki: I would say my favourite thing about working in #TeamDANCOP has been working with such a hardworking and passionate team. I know we all want give the learners we work with the best possible chance in their educational journey, and working in a determined and passionate team alongside the variety of activities and projects we do, means that it can become a possibility.


What’s next for Derby Hub?

We are preparing for the next academic year through developing new virtual and online programmes and projects for our schools.

Are you interested in working with us to develop your learners’ skills, confidence and aspirations? Get in touch so we can discuss the best way to support your young people.