#TeamDANCOP are inviting you to get to know us in our Meet the Team series! This week we’re meeting Stephanie, Adam, Vaughan and Tarig, also know as the Nottingham Hub. They’re based at the University of Nottingham’s Jubilee Campus and work in schools across Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire.


What is your team’s mission statement?

In the Nottingham hub we are actively committed to supporting and leading our learning communities to aspire to higher education. We proactively ensure that all learners have fair access to higher education and are fully supported in understanding all of the routes available.

Nottingham hub: transforming I could into I will.

What does an average week look like?

Our time is split between delivering in schools and colleges, preparing for sessions and collaborating with a range of stakeholders to ensure that young people in years 9-13 receive impartial advice and support with their aspirations to higher education.

Vaughan presenting a session about higher education to a group of young people in a classroom.

Vaughan delivering a session to a group of young people.

What’s your favourite thing about being part of #TeamDANCOP?

Tarig: My favourite thing has to be delivering sessions. From the minute the learners walk into the classroom I feel it is my challenge to motivate and enthuse them to think dynamically about their future. I appreciate the pressures and anxiety that some learners experience and so I aim to enhance the understanding of learners in a way that suits their needs and circumstances.

Vaughan: I enjoy meeting with school staff across my region and establishing areas in which DANCOP can offer support. With schools working under such challenging conditions it is rewarding to know that our work can add genuine value within the local education sector. Despite having the privilege of working with a large volume of leaners, the most rewarding feature of the job is the individual interactions I have with learners. Sometimes a personalised five minute conversation can alleviate some of the long term worries learners are having in relation to their education pathway.

Adam: For me, it has to be working with local schools, colleges and other external partners. Each school within Nottingham has such diverse backgrounds, interests and challenges. Working with all of our schools means no two days are ever the same! Working on an individual basis with each of our schools means we can tailor the support DANCOP can offer to meet the needs and priorities to each learner.

Stephanie: I enjoy the work in schools, helping to support teachers and non-teaching staff in ensuring that they are giving their learners the best impartial advice about higher education. It is also satisfying to know that we are helping to reduce the burden on schools in terms of post-16 advice and support, thus allowing school staff to focus on their core responsibilities.

What’s next for Nottingham Hub?

We will continue to reach out to our learners through delivery in schools and by supporting our colleagues across the wider DANCOP team. Nottingham hub has some exciting projects planned for 2020, including our higher level apprenticeship programme, our pathways project which helps learners find higher education alternatives to university across a range of subjects, and our programme of support for young female Sikh learners.